world soil day 2016

'Soils and pulses, a symbiosis for life'

5 December is World Soil Day (WSD). The Day was proclaimed by the United Nations General Assembly, noting that soils constitute the foundation for agricultural development, essential ecosystem functions and food security and hence are key to sustaining life on Earth.

On this day, soil is celebrated to remind the world that demands on the earth’s resources are under increasing pressure.

Healthy soil is the key to sustaining life and the adoption of sustainable land management practices (SLM) are becoming more and more important. WSD aims to raise awareness of how vital soil is to our existence and to educate the world in sustainable agriculture and soil management. Many communities suffer because they have not received knowledge or sufficient funding for sustainable soil management and agriculture. As a result, their families suffer due to failing crops because the land is degrading. Degrading soil also means the soil is less porous and cannot absorb water. This increases the likelihood of flooding which washes away all remaining nutrients and seeds.

By getting involved in WSD you are helping us to combat the desperate need for education in soil and sustainable land practices. WSD aims to engage people worldwide in recognizing the vital need for healthy soil for agricultural and social development. Therefore, awareness and education through advocacy and support is needed to promote the benefits of healthy soil.

By participating in this celebration of one of the most valuable resources on earth, you can build healthier and more prosperous sustainable communities which will bring you closer to a Land Degradation Neutral (LDN) world.

Environmental change and carbon are intrinsically linked. When contained in greenhouse gases, carbon is a part of the problem. But in its organic form in the soil, carbon represents a major part of the solution. The first metre of soil contains more than twice the amount of carbon than the amount in…
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