WOCAT Symposium and 18th WOCAT Network Meeting

WOCAT Symposium and 18th WOCAT Network Meeting

The role of SLM in contributing to achieve the SDGs

The International Center for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT) and the World Overview of Conservation Approaches and Technologies (WOCAT) are jointly organizing the WOCAT Symposium and 18th WOCAT Network Meeting. The meetings bring together a wide range of WOCAT members and stakeholders such as Non-Governmental Organisations, Governments, International Organisations, the donor community and other institutions to share and discuss their experiences and findings on how SLM and in particular SLM tools and methods can be used to contribute to the achievement of SDGs at different levels. The meetings are taking place at the CIAT headquarters in Cali, Colombia.

The symposium and meeting will be structured into three main parts:

  • WOCAT Symposium (Tuesday, 13 June)
  • Field day to showcase SLM implementation and the application of WOCAT tools and methods in the surroundings of Cali (Wednesday, 14 June)
  • 18th WOCAT Network Meeting (Thursday 15 June - Friday 16 June)

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