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23 April, 2018 – Santiago, Chile – The UNCCD Regional coordination unit (RCU) for Latin America and…
The Secretariat and the Global Mechanism of the UNCCD are supporting interested countries in the…
The SPI is an innovative platform that facilitates dialogue between scientists and policy-makers and…

News & Events

23 April, 2018 – Santiago, Chile – The UNCCD Regional coordination unit (RCU) for Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) in partnership with…
19 April 2018, London – The Deputy Executive Secretary Pradeep Monga represented UNCCD at the Climate Change event during the recent…
18 April 2018 – Santiago, Chile – A side event on land degradation neutrality, organized by the UNCCD regional coordination unit, took place…
18 April 2018 – Bonn, Germany – Mr. Juan Carlos Mendoza has been appointed as Managing Director of the Global Mechanism of the UNCCD. The…
The following three candidates are suitable for the elections to become the alternate CSO representative to the SPI: Noel Oettle/Environment…
11 April 2018 – Bonn, Germany – The first intersessional meeting of the COP 13 Bureau gathered in Bonn to take stock of the progress towards…

Knowledge Hub

LDN Conceptual Framework

The Scientific Conceptual Framework for Land Degradation Neutrality (LDN), developend by the UNCCD SPI, provides a bridge between the vision and the implementation of LDN in practice.
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Global Land Outlook

The Global Land Outlook (GLO) is a strategic communication platform that demonstrates the central importance of land quality to human well-being.
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Share your best practices on SLM Technologies

Find best practices on sustainable land management technologies, and share yours through the UNCCD Knowledge Hub (in cooperation with WOCAT).
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Capacity Building Marketplace

Explore a wealth of opportunities offered through the marketplace: scholarships, fellowships, internships and volunteering, as well as e-learning and university courses.
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The UNCCD e-library

Explore the latest publications, journals, articles, and references on desertification, land degradation, drought and sustainable land management. 
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Knowledge Sharing Systems

Explore knowledge platforms on desertification, land degradation and drought from around the world. 
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LDN Target-Setting Building Blocks

Discover the building blocks for Land Degradation Neutrality target setting. Each building block contains concrete advice and steps needed to engage in the LDN target-setting process. 
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