Current Openings

Vacant positions are posted on the following table. Candidates who wish to apply are requested to follow the specific instructions listed in each Vacancy Announcement.

Please note that receipt of applications will not be acknowledged and any further correspondence will be initiated by UNCCD.

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Title Vacancy number Level Contract duration Appointment type Application period
Country Consultant - Support to LDN target setting process in selected countries CCD/17/GM/01-Extension 3 NA NA Consultancy -
Meeting Service Assistant/Driver CCD/17/GS/INT&EXT/03 G-3 1 year Fixed-Term -


The deadline has passed. Further applications for these positions will not be accepted.

Title Vacancy number Level Contract duration Appointment type Application period
Lead Scientist CCD/17/P/INT&EXT/02 P-4 1 year Fixed-Term -
Associate IT Officer CCD/17/P/TEMP/03 P-2 Until 31 Dec 2017 Temporary -
Spatial Data Analyst CCD/17/P/TEMP/02 P-3 Until 31 Dec 2017 Temporary -
Associate Program Officer - Donor Relations CCD/17/P/TEMP/04 P-2 Until 31 Dec 2017 Temporary -
Public Information Assistant CCD/17/GS/TEMP/05 G-6 Until 31 Dec 2017 Temporary -
International Consultant - LDN Transformative projects CCD/17/GM/10 NA 4 months Consultancy -
Associate Program Officer CCD/17/P/TEMP/06 P-2 1 year Fixed-Term -
International Consultant - Support for the Global Mechanism Communications team CCD/17/GM/13 NA 90 days Consultancy -
Evaluation of the UNCCD support to capacity building CCD/17/EDM/14 NA Until end of August 2017 Consultancy -
Human Resources Assistant CCD/17/GS/TEMP/07 G-4 Until 31 December 2017 Temporary -
Four international experts - Data processing for UNCCD reporting CCD/17/STI/15 NA 4 months Consultancy -

Closed vacancies

These positions have been filled.

Title Vacancy number Level Contract duration Appointment type Application period
Communications Officer CCD/16/P/TEMP/09 P-3 1 Year Fixed-Term -
Evaluation of the effectiveness of CSO participation in the UNCCD CCD/16/EDM/64 NA April 2017 Consultancy -
Computer Information Systems Assistant CCD/16/GS/INT&EXT/06 G-5 1 Year Fixed-Term -
VA Program Assistant CCD/16/P/INT&EXT/05 G-5 1 Year Fixed-Term -
LDN Program Officer CCD/16/P/INT&EXT/08 P-3 1 Year Fixed-Term -
Program Officer CCD/17/P/TEMP/01 P-4 1 Year Temporary -
Program Officer CCD/17/P/INT&EXT/1 P-4 1 Year Fixed-Term -
Support for Global Mechanism of the UNCCD - Rome NA NA Internship -
Country consultant CCD/17/GM/01 NA NA Consultancy -
Junior Assistant (STI) CCD/17/STI/02 NA NA Consultancy -
Processing of high resolution data for land degradation neutrality monitoring CCD/17/GM/04 NA 3 months Consultancy -
Graphic Designer for Scientific Conceptual Framework for Land Degradation Neutrality CCD/17/STI/03 NA 3 months Consultancy -
Assistant for implementing activities and content development of online campaigns and social media for the UNCCD Land for Life Program NA NA 3-6 months Internship -
Content management and social media assistant for the UNCCD Capacity Building Markplace (French) NA NA 3 months Internship -
Editing services for Administrative Services Unit - Conference services CCD/17/AS/07 NA 1 month Consultancy -
Documentation processing - Conference services CCD/17/AS/08 NA 2 months Consultancy -
Country support to the land degradation neutrality target setting process in Cape Verde CCD/17/GM/09 NA NA Consultancy -
Conference support for LAC Drought Conference organization CCD/17/STI/12 NA 3 months Consultancy -
Development of LAC white paper CCD/17/STI/11 NA 4 months Consultancy -
Internship with DES Office N/A NA 3-6 months -
Assistant in office of the Deputy Executive Secretary NA 3-6 months Internship -